A weird thing in arm64 of operator << in gcc-11

I'm trying to do some log stuff in a Compiler project. When I'm trying to use the fmt::format library.

It was safe and sound to run with apple-clang 13, but when it comes to gcc-11 for the following line:

if ((x.second)->is_list_type()) {
    LOG(INFO) << fmt::format("{} : [{}]", x.first,
            ((ClassValueType *)((ListValueType *)x.second)->elementType)->className);

LogStream is something like:

class LogStream {
    LogStream() { sstream_ = new std::stringstream(); }
    ~LogStream() = default;

    template <typename T> LogStream &operator<<(const T &val) noexcept {
        (*sstream_) << val;
        return *this;

    friend class LogWriter;

    std::stringstream *sstream_;

The operator << gets error reading the memory byte from the fmt byte, possibly because the author of GCC is not aware the pointer passed do not fit in the following ldur style of stream out. On x86 OSX machine, the GCC have some _M_is_leaked() check in the same line and on Windows MSVC, the line has reported the memory leakage for doubly linked pointer.

The compiled code is:

There's trick to maintain a compiler that have a universal error code output.