Rust pitfall of bindgen to Variable Length Data Structure

I was writing a rust version of tokio-rs/io-uring together with @LemonHX. First, I tried the official windows-rs trying to port the Nt API generated from ntdll. But it seems to be recurring efforts by bindgen to c API. Therefore, I bindgen from libwinring with VLDS generated.

Original struct, the flags should not be 0x08 size big. I don't know it's a dump bug or something.

    /* 0x0000 */ uint32_t Head;
    /* 0x0004 */ uint32_t Tail;
    /* 0x0008 */ NT_IORING_SQ_FLAGS Flags; /*should be i32 */
    /* 0x0010 */ NT_IORING_SQE Entries[];
static_assert (sizeof (NT_IORING_SUBMISSION_QUEUE) == 0x0010, "");

The above struct should be aligned as:

Generated struct

#[derive(Default, Clone, Copy)]
pub struct __IncompleteArrayField<T>(::std::marker::PhantomData<T>, [T; 0]);
impl<T> __IncompleteArrayField<T> {
    pub const fn new() -> Self {
        __IncompleteArrayField(::std::marker::PhantomData, [])
    pub fn as_ptr(&self) -> *const T {
        self as *const _ as *const T
    pub fn as_mut_ptr(&mut self) -> *mut T {
        self as *mut _ as *mut T
    pub unsafe fn as_slice(&self, len: usize) -> &[T] {
        ::std::slice::from_raw_parts(self.as_ptr(), len)
    pub unsafe fn as_mut_slice(&mut self, len: usize) -> &mut [T] {
        ::std::slice::from_raw_parts_mut(self.as_mut_ptr(), len)
#[derive(Clone, Copy)]
    pub Head: u32,
    pub Tail: u32,
    pub Flags: NT_IORING_SQ_FLAGS,
    pub Entries: __IncompleteArrayField<NT_IORING_SQE>,

The implemented __IncompleteArrayField seems right for its semantics of translating with slice and ptr. However, when I called the NtSubmitIoRing API, the returned data inside Field is random same result no matter moe the fiel d for what distance of Head.

高级语言 to LLVM 的解释层

最近在做编译原理课程设计的设计,看了很多到 LLVM 的编译器的想法,同时发现 Rust 类型体操作为黑魔法合集也能带给社区很多新鲜玩意,就把之前设计 Chocopy LLVM 层的一些小想法放在这,上科大的同学想玩可以加个piazza,invite code: CHOCOPY。有一部分参考 High Level Constructs to LLVM_IR, 范型的设计更多参考 rust 和 c。

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Yet another Ownership shit in Rust

Yesterday I'm dealing with a Rust pitfalls like below:

pub struct IBStream<'a> {
    qp: Arc<ibverbs::QueuePair<'a>>,
    cq: Arc<ibverbs::CompletionQueue<'a>>,
    mr: ibverbs::MemoryRegion<RdmaPrimitive>,
    pd: Arc<ibverbs::ProtectionDomain<'a>>,
    ctx: Arc<ibverbs::Context>,

My initiative is to make the IBStream initial in parallel. As for implementation of ctx is an unsafe code to consume CompletionQueue and cq, mr and pd have different lifetimes, so on initiate the struct, we couldn't make sure ctx's lifetime is long lived than IBStream. We couldn't write the could as below:

pub fn new<'b, A: ToSocketAddrs>(addr: A) -> Result<IBStream<'b>, IBError> {
        let ctx = Self::setup_ctx()?;
        let ctxr: & _ = &ctx;
        let cq = Self::setup_cq(ctxr)?;
        let pd = Self::setup_pd(&ctx.clone())?;
        let qp = Self::setup_qp(&cq.clone(), &pd.clone(), &ctx.clone())?;

        let mr = pd.allocate::<RdmaPrimitive>(2).unwrap();
        Ok(IBStream {

The library function specify such lifetime to let the user have to take care of ctx and cq's lifetime, which has some senses. But these thinking of lifetime is too tedious for fast deployment.

How to solve the problem? As Jon put, there's library called ouroboros that the data in the struct has the same lifetime with the outer struct, that they are created and destroyed at the same time.

pub struct ClientSideConnection<'connection> {
    cq: CompletionQueue<'connection>,
    pd: &'connection ProtectionDomain<'connection>,
    #[borrows(cq, pd)]
    qp: QueuePair<'this>,

When using the struct, if we have to specify the static in one function.

let client = client as *const BadfsServiceClient;
// this is safe because we move client into closure, then execute the closure before function returns
let client:&'static BadfsServiceClient = unsafe{client.as_ref().unwrap()};

Another problem, if I want to specify a lifetime inside a function but the borrow checker think it's not, we could cheat it with the same trick.

All in all, borrow checker is easy to cheat.