The general purpose usage of inserting bpf and modify state in kernel

I'm leveraging kretprobe_overwrite_return, an API was supposed to inject the fault to arbitrary kernel function. Latest Intel CPU has codesign for not flushing the ROB for these trampolines.

kprobe impl

instrument on any instruction to jmp to pre_handler->function

kretprobe impl

__kretprobe_trampoline_handler to hijack the pc to the trampoline code

uprobe impl

trap the user space instruction to pre_handler->function

bpftime impl

make a map in the userspace and use LLVM JIT to hook the function to write the map, no context switch, no ROB flush bpftime

eBPF hardening tool

The Linux kernel has its eBPF verifier that achieves these guarantees by undertaking a strict static analysis across all eBPF programs, checking all paths for invalid memory accesses and disallowing loops to ensure termination.

  • Spectre v1 Bound check bypass (mitigated by lfence or verifier)
  • Spectre v2 Branch Target Injection (before loaded to the kernel mitigated by disabling interpreter)
  • unprivileged BPF for SOCKET_FILTER and CGROUP_SKB only

Replace UserBypass

Compare with SFI way of protecting the boundary, the static compilation with security checks that do not introduce extra checking is always expensive.

Replace XRP

XRP's idea is syscall batching. We can take the mmaped buffer as a fast pass to User space programming offloading the file system operations to the firmware. IOUring or BPF FUSE has already gotten into the senario, I don't think

Need data plane in cross boundary communication. control plan in separate U/K.

Why eBPF for security is wrong

BPF_LSM on loading will enter a previledge mode, it will be hard to maintain the context whether the current thread's permission for memory is complicated, and with page fault or EL1->EL2(arm) change will be hard to maintain.

  • can read arbitrary kernel data (can not be per cgroup)
  • can deny operations
  • can sleep

Under development

  • Hooks:
  • scheduler + bpf
  • hid + bpf
  • oom + bpf
  • fuse + bpf


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