Some invitation with ICE Zhang @Pennstate

Good to see that the emerging youngsters of Generation Z in China. When it comes to the Zhihu Question "What are 00s anxious about?" ICE Zhang points out a variety of great people. My answer was OIer, IMOer and those who have a lot of time digging one single target without any interference will temporarily take up the "bill board". But with time, people will get to realize this world need hero, a person who can see through the greatest evolution of the world and provide surging advise.

Zhang maybe that kind of person. I would say it's really hard to invite such a guy to Shanghai. But hopefully, he has a great amount of Gay Joy in Shanghai, mostly PingCap employees and his friends and his friends's friends in minority. I would say, before my internship, I never jump into the networking with strangers. But I found it funny. I dived into Persistent Memory stuff which is ideal for me. One man does not build the Rome. I need others' info and their progress to push myself. Only through others' progress can see my limit and inability and lack of determination.

I'm informed that the gay with ICE yesterday was even not enter her adulthood. The Turing Award Winner compose his poem at early 20s. I would say, I start late and I don't think I could dig as far as her. I'm a poor Math guy, even may fail at Daniel's Abstract Mathematic. I could have been captivated by Group, Ring and Field. I could have made systematic view of analysis and geometry. I could have write more elegant code to let other people endorse type theory. I can not because I've got only one body and one stream of mind.

I'm in favor of pursuing my own heart more. I find myself limited time in this place. I have to make all the stuff come true!