Intro to geekpie

GeekPie_ is a student association that debuted when the first batch of ShanghaiTech undergraduates entered this school. Since the inception of our association, it has been collecting EECS-related geeks in Schools of Information and Science Technology (SIST) in ShanghaiTech and nurturing enthusiasts towards gorgeous masters.
Four of the team member, Zijun, Tianyuan, Kaiyuan, and Yixuan is from the Laboratory of I/O System and Data Science (L.I.O.N.), SIST advised by Prof. Shu Yin, who is also our greatest team advisor. They have different roles in the lab, from parallel file systems to I/O optimization and scientific computing. One of the team members, Yiwei is from System and Software Security lab, SIST, focusing on symbolic execution. Longwen is among the ACM-ICPC algorithm team and has won several silver awards in Nationwide competition.

As the youngest section of GeekPie_, GeekPie_HPC is growing steadily. Inspired by the success in ASC18, ISC18, and SC19 student cluster competitions, newcomers influx, endowed with courage, eagerness, and full devotion. We are grateful to the School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) and the Library and Information Center for supporting us with comprehensive HPC resources. With fresh blood injected into this vigorous team and more advanced HPC resources this year,  GeekPie_HPC is sure to become one of the most influential student supercomputing teams in SC20.