Contiguitas: The Pursuit of Physical Memory Contiguity in Datacenters @ISCA23


TLB in larger memory capacity era is not big enough and if the programmer want to resolve page fragmentation need to invalidate TLB for sure. The paper designed a transparent migration layer to accelerate contiguous page access.

The Unmovable Region like NIC/Storage/GPU is pinned to pages, this is not exactly true when we design new CXL devices. Other pages will be marked movable with IOMMU support. The transparent page movement contiguous will relax the TLB shootdown. The mapping will be migrate(ppn src,ppn dest). The difference of Non-cachable

Region resize will go by the momentum of data movement to shrink or enlarge the unmovable region.

For a cycle simulator, as long as the warm-up will regard as resonable.