The A-Z of my Ph.D. Trajectory

On Arrival

  1. Familiarizing Yourself with Your New Workplace and City. - Move in and buy stuff
    1. Search for gym/canteen
    2. good food for celebration/lowering weight food

  1. Car driving license
  2. Start meeting with "Boss"
  3. Beautify my home
    1. Monitor x2
    2. Bed
    3. Up&down desk
    4. 12900k
    5. hangings
  4. Finalize the decision on RAship TAship time for each week. - Apple watch required
    1. Currently TA for CSE12(Assembly& System) the first semester.
  5. Plan to Handle coursework.
    1. CSE201 Algorithm

    2. CSE220 Arch

    3. CSE211 PL(Not selectable for the requirement of CSE210)

    4. CSE231 OS(Possibly be dropped)

    5. CSE280 Seminar of OS talks (weekly meeting)

Daily basis Ph.D.

  1. Plan time with flexibility - sort of DDL prioritized queue

    • studying
    • teaching (if you are a TA)9 • class preparation (if you are a TA)
    • assist your promotor with smaller research tasks (if you are an RA)10
    • dissertation research
    • writing papers
    • reading papers / keeping up with the output in your field
    • responsibilities in your research group (such as organizing PhD student research meetings)
    • service on committees and other regular meetings, inside or outside of your institution
    • office hours
    • time to reply to e-mails
    • administration time
    • coding

Lab Management

  • Time Planning

    • Frequently report to "Boss"
    • Experiment process
  • Make Friends in Lab

  • Writing skills

    • Technical English
    • Write a lot
    • Intro->Literature Review->Arch->Experiment->Result
  • Presentation

  • Blogs for more explosure

  • Conference

    • Rejections and dissertions
    • Next Submission
  • Surviving the Defense day

  • A Ph.D. is there