Moving Disaggregation to CXL


Today, after listening to the latest pre-CXL work of RDMA like carbink, AIFM, compucache, infiniswap, fastswap, memliner/ clover, dinomo/ RACE Hashing, sherman, fusee. I'm wondering much disaggregated memory has been deployed on the RNIC manner.

We will be weighing implementation ideas from research papers versus 3 critical requirements of Remoteable Pointers

  1. Must work from the source as pointers even when the memory is far (requires zero implementation in CXL for the most part)
  2. Must work at the device for offloading pointer chasing to CXL memory device or pre-CXL memory node
  3. Must work at newly started compute without the friction of serialization-deserialization for independent scaling of memory and compute

Is Phantom address a good solution?

Is wasm a good solution?


  1. InfiniFilter: Expanding Filters to Infinity and Beyond @SIGMOD'23
  2. Sherman: A Write-Optimized Distributed B+Tree Index on Disaggregated Memory @SIGMOD'22